w&m Anne Hills
© 1995 Raven Heart Music

From Anne’s recordings Angle of the Light & Under American Skies (plus the book/CD set Dreamcatcher: The Book)

I got up today and went to school
Read my books and followed rules
I played at recess really hard
Came back home and raked the yard
I had a snack and watched TV
My litle sister watched with me
But now’s the time I like the best
I give myself a little rest

I sit down in my favorite chair and float down stream
Let my hand drop in the water and catch a dream
My daydreams take me anywhere I want to be
I carry them inside of me

I can be a fairy in the trees
Flying on the silver breeze
My fairy wings will fly me home
I’ll sit upon a fairy throne
Or I can be a captain on a ship
And take my sister for a trip
With laughing dolphins at our side
And mermaids dancing on the tide

And if the rain comes falling down
I won’t fuss or even frown
So many things I have to do
So many places to go to
I can be a farmer at my work
And watch the rain fall on the dirt
My Grandma’s quilt can be the fields
‘Til mama calls me to my meal

And no matter how grown-up I get
I won’t stop dreaming you can bet
It’s just too much a part of me
To think of how it ought to be
And if all the people in the world
Men and women, boys and girls
Could close their eyes and dream of peace
I think we’d find it in our reach

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