w&m by Anne Hills
© 1994 Raven Heart Music / ASCAP

From Anne’s album Angle of the Light

This world won’t sit still …  you have to sit still for it.

Today let me eat,
Today let me breathe,
Today let me speak with a friend,
Today let the sun shine down on my head,
‘Til moonlight shines on me again.

Today let me hum,
Today let me run,
The spinning earth under my feet.
And let me hold loosely the dream of my life
To welcome the changes I meet.

It’s enough to live, and I’m grateful.
It’s enough to live, it’s enough.

Today let me see,
Not just with my eyes,
And make my mistakes without shame.
Today let my heart beat steady and strong,
And death not come calling my name.

Today let me love, today let me laugh
Remembering where I have been
Today if I weep still let me find peace
To keep with me ’til journey’s end.

It’s enough to live.

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