I Am You

w&m Anne Hills & Michael Smith
© 1993 Raven Heart Music / Bird Avenue Music

From Anne’s recording Points of View

When the war in my country sent my boat off this way
The horizon stretched forward to a brand new day
People stood on shore watched my sails blowin’ in
They became one of me, I became one of them, I am you

United we stand, divided we fall
I will reach for your hand if you answer my call  … I am you

I was brought here a slave and I suffered  the hand
that wrote “all men are equal” in this newly made land
So I stayed and I fought for the truth and what’s right
And my dream is your dream and my fight is your fight, I am you

When the Spaniards set foot on the shore of my world
I stood in my cornfields as their flags were unfurled
Though my children were lost still my spirit was strong
And my wisdom is deep and my kindness is long, I am you

Born here a woman,  born here a man
Came to this country to become what I am
And there isn’t a history that isn’t my own
I am Christian, I’m Muslim, I’m Jewish to the bone
(I am Hindu, I’m Buddhist, I’m a skeptic to the bone)
Young and old, gay and straight
Every color and hue
I am all, I am one, I am you

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