I’m Nobody

w&m Anne Hills
© Raven Heart Music

From Anne’s album Points of View

I’m nobody, don’t ask my name
It’s nobody’s business, nobody’s to blame
And I’ll be nobody whatever I do
‘Coz my mama told me, and my papa told me
and they ‘oughta know
‘coz they’re nobodies, too

I’m nobody and I don’t care
If you look in my eyes you’ll see nobody there
and nobody bugs me but “you-know-who”
‘Coz my sisters told me and my brothers told me
‘Coz when they get mad
that’s what nobodies do

When you’re nobody, no reason to try
No, why worry, life passes you by
And there ain’t nobody worth listenin’ too
‘Coz nobody knows what you’re goin’ through

I’m nobody and I don’t vote
I bought nobody’s dream, I rock nobody’s boat
If I disappeared, hey, nobody would know
‘Coz my TV makes clear, politicians don’t hear
so I’ll go, my dear
where nobody can go

And when I sing, ”Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen”
and “I’m nobody’s Baby” babe, I know what I mean

I’m nobody and who are you?
Emily Dickenson asked, she’s a nobody, too
are you somebody, somebody to see
that nobody is better, nobody could be
and nobodys perfect

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