w&m by Anne Hills
© 2010 Raven Heart Music

Where do I fit in, what shape must I shift
no wind in my sail, just let my mind drift
I feel like a leaf in a falling down whirl
just a whistling-outside-in-the-rain kinda girl

Where do I fit in, what style suits me best
do I throw in the towel or snap up my vest
I’m sure I’m too this, if not this, I’m too that
should I put on my coat or just hang up my hat

hey, hey half the day
ho, ho watch it go
bye, bye you can’t see
my oh my – me oh me

where do I fit in, my head’s in the skies
my hair is a nest, I’ve got stars in my eyes
I won’t give in yet I’ve got too much to do
and I may not be me but I know I’m not you