Near the Red Fort

The Red Fort

We wake to a hazy morning across the world from most of the people we know and love, greeted by  strangers saying “Namaste , Good morning” with hands pressed palm to palm facing skyward over their hearts. We reflect their warm greeting back “Namaste, Good morning” — Anne

Susan and Whitney at the Red Fort

Near the Red Fort

kite birds swoop down and up
                over temples and mosques
in prayerful flight
                their tails tilting toward God
in all directions lifted
                a higher power
feathered and unfettered
                ebony wings, shining shadows
against sizzling hot skies
                no shoes to remove
no hair to keep covered
                before we knew to be thankful
kite birds sailed in meditation
                kite birds sang windy bhajans
under the eternal blue dome
                for thousands of years, above
India, India, India

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