Pendle Hill

w&m Anne Hills
© 2006 Raven Heart Music

From Anne’s album Fourtold

Alice Nutter came to town, in her wool and  hooded gown
It was late and all was still, Alice went to Pendle Hill
Malkin Tower tall and dark, showed no firelight or spark
opened wide its gated mouth, to the north and to the south
Deedle dum, dum, dee di, dum, diddle-di-dum

From the east and from the west, some contrite and some confessed
Twenty witches it was said, gathered there to praise the dead
Were their prayers in Jesus name, or to Satan, just the same
Witch or Catholic, both despised, under gray and English skies
Alice knew what Alice knew, more than me and more than you
Deedle dum, dum dee, di, dum, diddle-di-dum

Light a candle take a breath, life is just a part of death
whispers down the alleys tell, keep the secret, keep it well
Henry Hargreaves went to see, true or false these rumors be
some concession, some conceit, some too soon their maker meet
Deedle dum, dum, dee, di, dum, diddle-di-dum

Now, we gather at the trial, accusations and denial
Alice silent through the day, and the truth had slipped away
But little minds have little thought, little lies are sold and bought
1612, it is the year, of our Lord and of our fear
Alice sees what Alice sees, hawks and ravens in the trees
Deedle, dum, dum, dee di, dum, diddle-di-dum

Build the platform, build it high, judgement follows, by and by
Line them up and ask their kin, what is penance, what is sin?
twine the rope and tie the noose, not too tight, and not too loose
when we die where do we go? go find Alice, she will know
Deedle dum, dum, dee, di, dum, diddle-di-dum

At the setting of the sun, turn for home our work is done
four were hanged and burned in flame, and the Devil was to blame
Pendle Hill is high and bare, few the souls who venture there
But Alice goes where Alice will, Alice walks on Pendle Hill
Alice knows what Alice knows, so the legend greens and grows
Deedle dum, dum, dee, di, dum, diddle-di-dum

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