Yesterday’s Wind

w&m by Anne Hills
© 1995 Raven Heart Music / ASCAP

From Anne’s recording Angle of the Light

With this song, I was looking at the past as if it were a storm that could build into a thunderhead and crash over me at any moment.

Been out all mornin’ picking up trash
Newspapers, letters, old photographs
Tangled in branches, stuck in the trees
Caught in the bushes and all over the street
And then you come blowin’ in on yesterday’s wind

It started at sunset, just a small breeze
Then came the whistlin’, pickin’ up speed
Closed all the shutters, barred all the doors
Even with that it still rattled the floor
So then I watched the ashes spin in yesterday’s wind

Yesterday’s wind came barrelin’ through here like thunder
Blew January back to December
A bonfire right down to a cinder

I turned from the window, lay down in my bed
Sounds of destruction pillowed my head
Everything torn up, nothing intact
The world upside down and me on my back
Again, watching you descend on yesterday’s wind

Wild geese are flying, further down south
I feel the cold and your kiss on my mouth
God, I’m so weary, it’s all I can do
To take a deep breath and one step from you
And then turn my face again from yesterday’s wind

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