Family Occasion

Family Occasion


bright laughter fell from the balcony

fell like silver coins

legal, tender

bright laughter fell

singing down ringing

with each bounce

on the dark macadam


up over the ledge popped one smiling face

then two

a puppet show of merriment

staged for me


 I could not help but join in

catching this warm wave that lifted and carried me

past my shortcomings and disappointments

to the safe shore of family and friendship


it had been a day

as rag dolls gathered together

stunning in their variety

touching in their sameness

richly gowned in emotion

some, stuffing poking out

some, stitches loose and fabric thin

from the constancy of sunrises

that rub the soul awake


dens grew dark

but the night had legs

as sleep walked around, clumsily

intoxicated by love’s left-overs

bumping into memories

below the balcony


it kicked up the sparkling discs of laughter

making joy echo lightly

until morning

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