Fox Fallen, Snow

1-deadfox 010Fox Fallen, Snow


I dreamt about you again last night

not tinted in burnt sienna, flecked with snow

not dead, amid the garbage by the side of the road

not heavy, as when I lifted you up by your legs

carried you across the macadam

to gently place you

beneath a shrubby tree

above the ice-skinned river


I went back after seeing a flash of red, glancing

from the soft ditch by the roadside

I was afraid you had been hit

struck down in your carelessness

you bore no marks

you were still shifting worlds

into the falling white


on my nocturnal escapades

you are the color of storm clouds

of ashes in a fireplace near the end of December

you are light, swift



I know why you visit me

my time will come

to let go

be sifted through the windy hands of eternity

be spread like grain

to feed the tree I curl beneath


you have shown me

life is trickery


you look directly at me in dreams

like that first day on the river road

your eyes burn, sly flames


you wander the back alleys of night

waiting to brush your fat, furry tail

against the lazy lull of my neglect

to sink your tiny teeth

into my Achilles tendencies

your last wile

that wakes me from forgetfulness


you entice me

to find you, fallen

to lift you up and carry you

settle you down, again

with what was before, yet to come

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