w&m Anne Hills
© Raven Heart Music

from Anne’s album Bittersweet Street

You took me sailing through the stars with you
and you knew their names by heart
Cassiopeia and the Twins were there
As we glided through the dark

Far below the water kissed the shore
But our boat was nowhere near
The Pleiades had pulled us far, far from here

The moon was waning and the night was clear
a million worlds came into view
straight through Auroras with their blades of light
I stood breathless there, with you

being lifted on an autumn wind
that a summer night had found
The Pleiades had pulled us far, far from ground

Then in the stillness of the Northern star
tides of moonlight washed ashore
words that carried us to deeper space
never visited before

Touching Hydra and the Flying Fish
Brushing stardust from our hands
The Pleiades had pulled us far, far from land

I would ask to see it all again
I would know no other way
Speak their names to me as we sail by
Holding back the blinding day

Help me remember now just how it felt
slowly drifting into light
The Pleiades will pull us far, far from sight

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