Margaret’s Mourning

Taken by my sister Janet Hills Landis

Margaret’s Mourning (Birth: March 6, 1926 Death: June 15, 2013)


dawn lightens the lake

obsidian turns emerald, as sunlight lifts the blue

and the river churns past the pier

but where is Margaret?


the gulls soar, sweep low

sparrows sing and lift us from dreams

white caps chase each other toward the sand

but where is Margaret?


at Lion’s Park Beach, below

the swing shivers and lifts empty, in the soft wind

runners and dogs appear amid the tall lake grasses

but where is Margaret?


in the garden outside her front door

the trees open their arms, waiting

flowers lift their faces

but where is Margaret?


even the statue of Pan seems pensive,

lifts his pipes beneath the morning shadows, wondering

where, oh where is Margaret?


I write my prose, remembering

I dig in my garden, remembering

I soak small seeds, remembering

I trim the lilacs and listen to the crows argue,

a song rises to my mouth, lifts into the air

and there … there she is … Margaret is everywhere.

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