Bittersweet Street

Bittersweet Street  (For Fred)
© Anne Hills & Michael Smith

When I first met you, you were ridin’ high
Woman on each arm you had a rovin’ eye
You spoke of love and meanwhile you and I
Ah, Ah, were walkin’ down Bittersweet Street

The bittersweet berry it will turn on you
To a poisonous red, from a treacherous blue
Pretty to look at, mustn’t eat
Ah, Ah, walkin’ down Bittersweet Street

Now there’s a street for remembering
a street where lovers embrace
of all the places I could walk with you
I keep finding you here with that look on your face

Like the last time I saw you and we said goodbye
You couldn’t hardly breathe, you told me “please don’t cry”
Lookin’  for an answer to the question “Why?”
Ah, ah it’s walkin’ down Bittersweet street

You and me and Bittersweet Street

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