New Companion

New Companion
© Anne Hills

There’s coffee out here in the kitchen
Come sit down and listen to me
There’s something I’ve just got to tell you
Not that I think that you’ll see
I know we said “love you forever”
I know we said “richer or poorer”
but, honey, since you found that bottle
you don’t need me anymore

Your new companion tells you you’re right
Never gets tired, stays up all night
Your new companion puts you to sleep
It builds you up just to tear you down
and you’re in too deep

I see that your eyes are glazed over
I don’t know if I’m getting through
Your one step away from disaster
But you can turn it around to the truth
It’s something that I can’t do for you
You know that I would if I could
Because deep down you know I still love you
but that hasn’t done any good

‘Cause your new companion runs from the light
Won’t be revealed, not without a fight
Your new companion rips us apart
It builds you up, just to tear you down
And breaks both our hearts

I’ve got my bags packed
I just can’t stay
I’ve already watched you
throw so much away
You may not know it yet
the battle’s just begun
my father fought it years ago
my mother never won…we all lost
to your new companion

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