The Turning of the Year

The Turning of the Year
© Anne Hills

When the hunter and the bull are chasing down the setting sun
Dissolving in an icy blue beyond the gray horizon
We turn to feed the fading fire, dream deeply through the night
and we cherish songs that carry us from darkness into light

When the greater and lesser bear sleep soundly in the sky
and seven dancing Iroqouis across the heaven fly
We turn our backs against the wind that drives the bitter cold
and we celebrate the wonders that a new year will unfold

and we will sing/ we will sing
at the turning of the year
knowing/ knowing
we are a short time here
so we’ll sing/ yes, we’ll sing
at the turning of the year
at the dancing, spinning, turning of the year

When the evergreen stands silently against the broken land
and the icicle, like Spring’s cocoon, is spun by winter’s hand
We turn to friends and family, and mourn the loved ones gone
and gather them around us as we raise our voice in song

Now, the solstice moon is like a pearl suspended in the lake
frozen underneath a spell no human hand can break
We turn to ask forgiveness, and with gratefulness of heart
turn once again to welcome in the new year as it starts.

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