Rhubarb Trees

w&m David Roth & Anne Hills
© Raven Heart Music(ASCAP)/Maythelight Music(BMI)

From Anne’s album with David Roth Rhubarb Trees

Rough red bark and lime green leaves
Hold their own on rhubarb trees
Underneath your gardening boots
Bulging up are rhubarb roots

Ants as big as M&Ms
Romp along the rhubarb stems
Branches ride the rhubarb breeze
That rocks to sleep the rhubarb trees
Rise and shine, a new day comes
Enjoy the sound of rhubarb drums
Even grownups skin their knees
Sliding up on Rhubarb trees

Rhubarb birds have hollow bones
Henna red on rhubarb crones
Undulating rhubarb seas
Boats that carry rhubarb teas

Alligators love to chew
Rhubarb pie & rhubarb stew
Batten down yer fruity hatche
Time to dig the rhubarb patche

Right there in the wilderneds
Elephants make rhubarb beds and
E is rhubarb squared, you see
As Einstein wrote of this fine tree

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