The Strange Meanderings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Down to Nashville, Tennesee 

w&m Anne Hills, Michael Smith & David Roth
© Raven Heart Music (ASCAP)/Bird Avenue Publishing (BMI)/Maythelight Music (ASCAP)

From Anne’s album with David Roth Rhubarb Trees

So you think your life’s a drama, cowgirl, listen here to me
Ever since the Dalai Lama came to Nashville Tennessee
I’m a Dalai Lama Mama, he’s my private Townes Van Zandt
Every Saturday we go dancing, honey, down at the Twist and Chant.

Well, I took him down to Music Row, he had some real good hooks
Got covered by Lyle Lovett, Taylor Swift, and old Garth Brooks
Though there was a certain sameness to everything he wrote
Each song was simple and direct, they only had one note

He wrote: EEEEEEEE

He’d collaborate with anyone who wore a cowboy hat
Taught the local yocals yoga, while he yodeled on the mat
Did an instrumental album with Boots Randolf on the sax
Won a Grammy, started touring with his group the Nashville Yaks.


Then he hit Grand Ole Opry, another Dolly played there, too
And they sang a sweet duet the song “I will always love you”
And those Nashville Yaks were cookin’, they got inspired and for a change
They launched into a favorite we all know, “Om on the Range”

This Country Eastern music, it thrills me through and through
It’s the easiest thing to pick and sing and get enlightened, too
So, if you travel down to Nashville and His Holiness you see
Just relax, be mindful, be here now and sing along with me


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