This Rain

w&m Anne Hills
© 1999 Raven Heart Music (ASCAP)

From Anne and Michael’s Paradise Lost and Found

the sky opened up last evening
and the stars got loose and fell
now, I’m barefoot walkin’ on these broken pieces
stumblin’ over heaven sure feels like hell

the only light left is streetlight
‘cause the sun gave up and fled
now, it’s warmin’ planets in some other system
so I think I’ll just go back to bed

Chorus: this rain that’s fallin’ down
is determined to see us drown
it’s gonna swallow this whole damn town
honey, this rain

I used to believe in somethin’
for every raindrop, flowers grew
now, I’ve been watching, seein’ how folks treat each other
and it’s trampled everything I knew

I might build me a boat this mornin’
that can ride these waves of doubt
it may take me travelin’ through some troubled waters
but at least it’ll see me out

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