After you have scrubbed and gowned
in that chilly-green cotton
as I fall into the dreamless land
that lies beneath this icy-white drift

before you reach for the scalded scalpel

take a moment to see me
where I fit in this big puzzle of the world
how I complete its picture
for my family and friends
and you.

Take a breath and feel.

Disease has humbled me, humbled us both
since I asked you
to join with me
the fight of my body’s betrayal.

We are linked together
for these few hours.
We will move as one being
toward one end.

Do not lose sight of me
or let your doubts
the movements of your hands.

I am trusting you
to trust yourself,
your experience
and electrical impulses
that fuel our quest.

and I will give you
what information I come across
in my journey through the never-never
of ether and forever.

May we meet again, soon.

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