Silken Dreams

© 1990 Raven Heart Music (ASCAP) From Herdman, Hills, Mangsen’s Voices and Anne and Michael’s Paradise Lost and Found This here loom is fifty years old Me and Mary we’re a little older We’ve been here since 1918 Now the … Continue reading

The Iris Thief

I am an Iris thief pilfering lost fields a gleaner of abandoned, rebellious gardens that hold on and wait under collapsed, rotted boards that charcoal the already black soil   far off the highways devalued land erupts with history steeped … Continue reading

Botany Schmotany

            I am a haphazard gardener too little time or knowledge the birds know it they plant wild cherry trees wherever they choose spread mulberry bushes around and scatter prickly thistle those little green gauntlets, … Continue reading

The Great Valentine’s Day Balloon Escape

So, picture this … balloons making-a-break for it while you watch from a line at the dollar store Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the scene outside where a weary, middle-aged clerk is trying to help a very impatient, irritable man … Continue reading

Sonnet for 2017

            we cannot calculate what we have lost as other species tumble into death the Ash tree standing through the windy frost no longer lives to take and give us breath we watch in horror, … Continue reading

Lost, I humbly ask

Were the other sisters ever envious of Saint Teresa of Calcutta? They worked side-by-side with her, yet remained as nameless as the rag-colored bags-of-skin-and-bone souls they lifted, washed, spoon-fed and cradled through suffering. Did they feel equally-sainted in God’s eyes? … Continue reading

After All

the oak-leaf hydrangea knows nothing of the slaughter in Orlando only that the time for blooming chill-white flowers has come and the catbird hopping behind me, as I mow the lawn, is not weeping but looking for food in the … Continue reading


I am debating with the reddening sky the nature of the ideal horizon. Perhaps, the still whiteness of the northern most mountains refracting the first light of a newborn day and sending it scattering dancing over icy lakes or possibly, … Continue reading

Under American Skies

Under American Skies w&m by Anne HIlls and Tom Paxton © 2000 Pax Music, ASCAP/Raven Heart Music, ASCAP She was born dirt poor, grew up gangly and tall and the state gave her no real protection at all. Her father’d … Continue reading