Angle of the Light

Angle of the Light (1995)
Anne Hills
Collective Works 0505 (was Flying Fish 648)

This was the first of Anne’s projects to showcase her own songwriting, and was widely praised on it’s release, finding it’s way onto many folk DJ Top 10 lists. The songs are all by Anne except where noted. Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. Yesterday’s Wind
  2. Follow That Road
  3. Fighting Giants
  4. Sound of the Looms
  5. Over the Bridge
  6. Brown Leaves (Smith/Whiteley)
  7. Dreamcatcher
  8. Angle Of the Light
  9. Lover’s Knot (Hills/Ansill)
  10. Forget Me Knot (Hills/Smith)
  11. Enough

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