At the Turning of the Year

Herdman, Hills, Mangsen: At the Turning of the Year

At the Turning of the Year (2000)
Herdman, Hills, Mangsen
Hand & Heart Music 2000

IT’S BACK!! We’re pleased to be able to offer this classic Trio recording again … redesigned in a beautiful “eco-wallet” package that will fit perfectly with the rest of your collection complete with an easy to read spine. In 2000, Anne and the gals (that’s Priscilla Herdman & Cindy Mangsen, where ya been?!?) returned to the studio for a sampling of seasonal songs, old and new … this time drawing inspiration from celebrations from Halloween to the coming of the Spring. As with their live performances, the songs run the gamut from the sublimely beautiful to the gut-grabbing hilarious. It isn’t the holidays without these dulcet voices and exquisite harmonies. This one’s a keeper! Here’s a track list with a couple samples:

  1. At the Turning of the Year (w&m Anne Hills; ©2000 Raven Heart Music, ASCAP)
  2. Candelmas Eve (public domain)
  3. The Winter It Is Past traditional, additional words by Robert Burns)
  4. Forget Me Not (w&m Anne Hills & Michael Smith; ©1998 Raven Heart Music / Bird Avenue Publishing, ASCAP)
  5. Swinton May Song (traditional English)
  6. Goodbye to the Roses (w: Margaret Mantle, m: Jennifer Armstrong; ©1995)
  7. Away Ye Merry Lasses (w&m Georje Holper; ©1989 Georje Holper)
  8. Uncle Dave’s Grace (w: Peter Berryman, m: Lou Berryman; ©1999 L&P Berryman, BMI)
  9. Solstice Round (w&m Cindy Mangsen; ©2000 Compass Rose Music, BMI)
  10. The Snow (w&m Allen Power; ©1998 Night Wind Music, BMI)
  11. The Druggist (w&m Joel Mabus; ©1997 Fingerboard Music, BMI)
  12. Corn, Water & Wood (w&m Carol Elliott & Wendy Waldman;
    ©1991 Dorshire Music / Loupgarou Publishing / Moon & Stars Music / Zomba Songs Inc., BMI)
  13. Years (w&m Beth Neilsen Chapman; ©1990 Warner Refuge Music / Macy Place Music, ASCAP)
  14. Mississippi Sawyer (traditional) / Winter’s Come & Gone (w&m Gillian Welch & David Rawlings; ©1998 Irving Music / Say Uncle Music / Cracklin’ Music (admin. by Bug Music), ASCAP)

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