Don’t Panic


Don’t Panic

Anne Hills
Flying Fish 608

Flying Fish created a double-length CD reissue of two earlier Hogeye Records LPs: Anne’s solo debut Don’t Explain ©1984; and an earlier duo release The Panic Is On ©1982 by Anne with Jan Burda. The Panic Is On featured Anne and Jan, with friends, Art Thieme, Fred Campeau, Paul Breidenbach and others, singing a largely traditional selection of material along with some early originals from Anne. Don’t Explain provided a showcase both for Anne’s expressive singing and her gift for finding the best of contemporary folk. Here’s a tracklist from the double-length CD, with a couple samples:

  1. Long Time Travelin’
  2. The Water is Wide / Wild Geese (Tyson)
  3. Dear Companion (Ritchie)
  4. Mole in the Ground
  5. Rambler Gambler
  6. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
  7. While You Sleep (Hills)
  8. Over the Mountain
  9. Hush Little Baby / Father’s Lullaby (Hills)
  10. The Panic is On
  11. Two of a Kind (Ims)
  12. Rusty Old Red River (T Henderson)
  13. Hound Dog (J Smith & Lee)
  14. Donna From Mobile (M Smith)
  15. Rye, New Hampshire (A Calhoun)
  16. The Last Day of Pompeii (M Smith)
  17. Don’t Explain (Holiday & Herzog Jr)
  18. John’s Wife (A Calhoun)
  19. East Kentucky Mountains (T Henderson)
  20. Johnson (T Paxton)
  21. A Shadow Crossing the Land (Hills)

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