Fourtold (2003)
Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen & Michael Smith
Appleseed Recordings APR1071

Four great singers with a deep understanding, love and respect for the profound power of the “story song” tradition … and with the musical chops to make the experience truly transporting. On this CD, Steve, Cindy, Anne and Michael share a dozen true gems from the body of great material out there: old, new, traditional, original and borrowed. Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. Four Rode By
  2. Molly & Tenbrooks
  3. Pendle Hill
  4. Joshua Gone Barbados
  5. Panther In Michigan
  6. Darcy Farrow
  7. Ballad of Springhill
  8. Aramalee
  9. The Nine Little Goblins
  10. Two Men in a Building
  11. I Drew My Ship
  12. Run, Come, See Jerusalem

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