Never Grow Old


Never Grow Old

Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen
Flying Fish 638

In the fall of 1994, Anne released a duet album with long-time singing partner Cindy Mangsen. Joined by a striking array of guests, including Tom Paxton, Laurie Lewis, John Hartford, Gordon Bok, Priscilla Herdman and others, Anne and Cindy nail sixteen traditional songs reaching back to the last century. Never Grow Old received the 1994 NAIRD Indie Folk “Honorable Mention” award. Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. Where We’ll Never Grow Old
  2. Curtains of Night
  3. Richmond on the James
  4. Lost Jimmy Whalen
  5. Master Kilby
  6. Bill Morgan and His Gal
  7. Wolves A’Howlin’
  8. McKinley’s Rag
  9. Lone Pilgrim
  10. Mary Anne
  11. The Housewife’s Lament
  12. Light of Red and Green
  13. Pretty Sylvia
  14. Oh My Little Darlin’
  15. Railroading on the Great Divide
  16. Evening Shade

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