October Child

October Child (1993)
Anne Hills
Flying Fish 621

Produced by jazz drummer Peter Erskine (of Weather Report fame) and recorded at Groove Masters studio in Los Angeles, October Child features ten songs written by Michael Smith (including two songs which have never been released elsewhere). Featured musicians include Paul McCandless (reeds) along with James Taylor band regulars Bob Mann (guitar), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Jim Cox (piano) and Carlos Vega(drums). Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. Three Monkeys
  2. Starfisher
  3. Sister Clarissa
  4. Disappearing Heart (Smith/Hills)
  5. Paterson Summer
  6. Woman in the Mirror
  7. Rose of Sharon
  8. Rondi’s Birthday
  9. Stranded in the Moonlight
  10. The Dutchman

Sorry, this recording is no longer available as a CD.
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