Rhubarb Trees


Rhubarb Trees (2011)
Anne Hills & David Roth
Wind River Records WR4051CD

David and Anne have been working together for several decades, ever since she discovered his work and covered two of his songs for her Woman of a Calm Heart project. Over the years, they’ve taken on numerous projects to benefit causes they both believe in, and last winter finally decided to make a duet CD. The disc includes 14 newly recorded songs including old favorites from each other’s songbags … with several newly written collaborations to sweeten the pot! Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. May the Light of Love
  2. The Child Within
  3. When I Think of Arizona
  4. I Am You
  5. Everything That Happens Makes Me Stronger
  6. Orphans
  7. That Kind of Grace
  8. We All Are One
  9. Rhubarb Trees
  10. Neuroplasticity
  11. Spring from Darkness Into Light
  12. I Stand for Love
  13. Nighttime Falls
  14. The Strange Meanderings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Down to Nashville, Tenn.

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