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Anne writes: “I have been performing for the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad Summer Concerts for five or six years and have had the joy of working with some of my music heroes, opening up the first year for Ian Tyson and Michael Martin Murphy. Riding in the refurbished City of New Orleans Club Car from Alamosa, Colorado, in the San Luis Valley, home to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, I was struck by the joy of train travel. We’d continue the music all the way down from the green-powered stage at beautiful Fir Junction, where audience and performers enjoyed a concert with a mountain-top vista. Honestly, I fell in love with the valley and the valley seemed happy enough to inspire song after song.

“Ed Ellis had started this crazy dream of a concert series because he loves folk music – old and new – almost as much as he loves the railroads. He and his wife Peggy met at a harmony class at the Old Town School of Folk Music. We became fast friends and they introduced me to Don Richmond who blew me away with his talent and generosity of spirit. So, after a few years I began to have enough songs to put together a train-inspired recording at Don’s studio. I was aiming for a recording that covered a lot of stories that included trains, with originals and a few covers, like “City of New Orleans.” Stevie Goodman’s song was in my repertoire when I began performing in Michigan at 17, and that brought me to Chicago where I became a part of that rich folk scene and my musical career grew. I’m riding the rails that go back in history but also carry me forward … climb on board.”

Here’s a track list with a few samples:

  1. San Luis Valley Song (Anne Hills) 4:23
  2. Ballad of Dan Moody (Michael Smith) 5:56
  3. Transcontinental (Anne Hills) 4:51
  4. I Rode ’Em All, Man (Anne Hills) 2:53
  5. The Littlest Hobo (Anne Hills) 4:30
  6. Rider on an Orphan Train (David Massengill) 4:13
  7. The Train to Morrow (P.D.) 2:40
  8. Maria Took the Train to Town (Anne Hills) 4:20
  9. Winter Vigil (Eight & Sand) (Anne Hills) 5:07
  10. Pullman Porter Christmas (Anne Hills & Peter Erskine) 5:31
  11. Like a Train (Anne Hills) 3:48
  12. City of New Orleans (Steve Goodman) 5:34
  13. Fallen Flag (Anne Hills) 3:59

Click HERE to download the complete lyrics for the CD.


Anne Hills sang and played guitar & banjo.
Don Richmond sang harmonies & played everything else except …

Peter Erskine played drums & percussion (on #1, 3, 10, 11, 12)
Jimmy Stadler played piano (on #11)
Matt Salazar played trombone (on #12)
Peggy Ellis sang harmony (on #12)
and Ed Ellis pulled the whistle cord (on #1 & 12)

produced by Anne Hills & Don Richmond
engineered by Don Richmond at Howlin’ Dog Records
(Peter Erskine’s drum parts were recorded at Puck Productions in Santa Monica, CA,
and engineered by Aaron Walk)

mastered by Rich Breen
photos by Peggy Ellis
cd design by Mark D. Moss

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