Voices of Winter

Herdman, Hills, Mangsen: Voices of Winter

Voices of Winter (1997)
Herdman, Hills, Mangsen
Hand and Heart Music 1997

IT’S BACK!! We’re pleased to be able to offer this classic Trio recording again … redesigned in a beautiful “eco-wallet” package that will fit perfectly with the rest of your collection complete with an easy to read spine. For this late ’90s classic, Priscilla, Anne and Cindy join together for a live set of nineteen seasonal selections – old, new, traditional, original and borrowed – from their annual end of year program. Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. Wintergrace (Jean Ritchie, © Geordie Music, ASCAP)
  2. Snow in the Street (w: William Morris, m: Ralph Vaughn Williams) from the Oxford Book of Carols © Oxford University Press
  3. Raise the Dead of Wintertime (w&m Allan Rankin)
  4. Witch Hazel (Tom Gala, ©1992 Tom Gala Music)
  5. Serving Girl’s Holiday (traditional)
  6. Harerot Halalu (traditional) from the book Three Log Night, Jane Peppler ©1990
  7. A’roving on a Winter’s Night (traditional)
  8. Joy Health Love and Peace (traditional) / The Wren (Jack Hardy, ©1984 John S. Hardy Music, ASCAP)
  9. Unto You This Night (Steve Gillette & Rex Benson, ©1992 Foreshadow Songs / Rex Benson Music, BMI)
  10. The Frozen Logger (James Stephens, © Folkways Music)
    Proper Cup of Coffee (traditional, new verses by Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen, ©1996)
  11. Voices of Winter (Anne Hills, ©1996 Raven Heart Music, ASCAP) / Red & Green (Maddy Prior, ©1993 Kempire Music)
  12. Hot Buttered Rum (Tommy Thompson, © Southern Melody Publishing, BMI)
  13. Mister Santa (Pat Ballard, ©1982 Edwin H. Morris & Co.)
  14. Chickadee (w: Stan Scott, m: Ray Andrews, ©1983 Stanley Scott, BMI)
  15. More Wood (Dillon Bustin, ©1983 Moonbow Music, BMI)
  16. Lo, How A Rose (traditional)

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