Woman of a Calm Heart


Woman of a Calm Heart

Anne Hills
Flying Fish 464

Produced by Artie Traum and Scott Petito, this recording features songs by Ilene Weiss, David Roth, Gregory Simon, Eliza Gilkyson, Jack Hardy, Kris Kristofferson and Anne Hills. Guest artist Livingston Taylor joins Anne in a duet for LJ Booth’s beautiful “Akasha Wind.” Here’s a tracklist with a couple samples:

  1. Woman of a Calm Heart
  2. Akasha Wind
  3. No Baby
  4. Politicos
  5. Angel in Paradise
  6. Tennessee Road
  7. Porto Limon
  8. The Child Within
  9. Manuel Garcia
  10. Here Comes That Rainbow Again
  11. May the Light of Love

Sorry, this CD is not currently available.
At present there are a few copies available through Amazon, get ’em while they last.