Riding on the City of New Orleans (with Anne Hills!)


Ride the rails with Anne Hills!


The City of New Orleans travel route.

The City of New Orleans travel route.

To celebrate the release of her upcoming CD of train songs (Tracks), Anne is taking a ride on the legendary City of New Orleans train – newly refurbished back to its original glory – and offering her fans the opportunity to join her and multi-instrumentalist (and CD producer) Don Richmond for a terrific weekend trip from Chicago to New Orleans, complete with a two-night stay in the legendary Crescent City and music-filled “club folk” travel aboard the historic train.

Also included is free admission to an early kick-off concert at Fitzgerald’s (in Berwyn, IL) the night before, Wednesday, September 17th, @ 8:00 pm, and a complimentary autographed copy of Anne’s new CD!

TRAVEL DATES: September 18 (8 pm) — September 22 (9 am)

DEPARTURE: The train departs Chicago’s Union Station, Thursday @ 8pm … everyone should meet in the Metropolitan lounge at least 15 minutes prior.

INCLUDES: All-inclusive travel aboard the newly refurbished Pullman cars, including all meals, snacks, drinks and entertainment. Also provided are two nights hotel accommodations in New Orleans (at the Doubletree Hotel in the historic French Quarter) … and all the music and singing you can handle! (We’ll also be screening a documentary about how one family and their community dealt with the effects of Katrina in New Orleans, with a soundtrack by Don.)

NEW ORLEANS: We arrive in New Orleans mid-afternoon on Friday (3:25 pm). From there we’re keeping it loose, travel to the hotel will “on your own,” trolleys and cabs available. You’ll be free to experience New Orleans as you’d like for the next two evenings (and all day Saturday … and Sunday morning), until it’s time for the return trip!

RETURN: We should all plan to be back at the train station by 12:30 pm on Sunday, as the return train leaves New Orleans at 1:45 pm. There will be a final celebration concert with Anne and Don, and more singing (as long as folks want). The train pulls back into Union Station at 9:00 am on Monday morning, where we’ll have our “good-byes.”

COST: $1200 per person.

FOR RESERVATIONS: Call 888-978-5563 … ask to book the “Anne Hills CD Release Party.”

Meals, drinks and music INCLUDED!

Meals, drinks and music INCLUDED!

“For the past five summers I have boarded a Rio Grande Scenic Railroad’s New Orleans Club Car with an audience and various musicians,” notes Anne. “We’d have a little King cake and coffee, relax, look out at the big windows at the high desert landscape and rock the tracks to a mountain vista stage. Tapping into the rich history of trains we remembered and played favorites, honored requests, and heard newly penned beauties. This CD was inspired by the San Luis Valley, nurtured by railroad lovers and checked for safety by music playing car knockers … all aboard! Come join me on this trip!!”